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Hello, my name is Daina,  but hey im gonna talk about my self/mylife :) I am a 16 year old teenager who has lots of drama, excitement, respect in her life or well needs to have some respect for others and from others, I guess. I was born in 1998, I was born with a dent in my chest. My father is a man who left me when i was only 9 months old. I live with my mother, step-dad, my 4 siblings but i got more siblings than that. The siblings i live with is younger than me, I have 5 siblings who dont live with me, 3 of them are out of school, graduated. My actual sister has been living with her grandmother since the last summer and my step brother is in the same grade as me.

 My Mother Hannah is a great lovely person, I'm glad that she had me. My mother had 6 children. I believe that my mother loves her kids to death. She is my heroe, because she is always there for me and her kids. She cooks for us, provide things that we need. Thats what a mother should do. Even though my whole family aurgues all the time. We are still there all the way matter what. 

My father Jesus is a man who was there for 9 months of my life and then he threw it away and left me. He ran to Mexico and told my mother that he will be back but did he ever come back? No he never came back until a few years later like when I was 4 or 5. That man could of been in my life but instead he left for what? Drugs, beer, a different family, I don't why he would leave. My mother was inlove with him but he threw that away too, when he left along time ago. Sometimes I wish that he could of been in my life. Around the time he came back, he left AGAIN. Why whould he come if he's not gonna stay? Why Why ???? he was my dad and I wish I can have him in my life but he's not here. I don't know him, If he ever came to my house or if I ever went to mexico to find him what could I say to him, I dont think I could say anything :(

My step-dad Jackson has been in mylife since i was prolly 4 years old when my step-dad came into my life. My dad drinks all the time. I wish he wouldnt but he just does. He lies every week where he has been. We know where he has been, he has been drinking. Do we like how that man acts? No we don't but hey do we know how we can help him? I don't think so when we tell him that we don't like him drinking, He don't ever listen, he just keeps doing it. I love my dad, he is like a real dad. He has been there for me. I hope he is in my life for a long long time.

My siblings names are Tonya, Shaye, Little Jackson, Jae, Aliya, Lakisha, Jared, Maya, and Jamaka. I don't know Little Jackson, only that he is done with school and he is older than all of us. I met him a couple times when i was little. 

Tonya is one of my oldest step sisters, i never talk to her but thats another story that will be coming later in this book of my life. Shaye is my second oldest sep sister and Shaye is a really nice sister even though she can be bossy at times but than she's there. I love Shaye so much and im glad that she is in my life.

Jae is my step brother. What makes me mad is that I don't think Jae does'nt like me because he starts stuff. Like this one time he told people that i said we kissed but that was never true and it just makes me so mad. people still makes fun of me at school all the time because of that and i just don't know what to deal with thiese rumurs anymore. Pople think im gross because that rumur and it makes me sad that somebody is gonna believe a rumur. 

Aliya use to be a good person, i guess she still is at times but that she goes back to a big pain in my life, haha. I will talk more about Aliya later too. Lakisha is a pain in my life too, but she is a sister who i will never forget. I love Lakisha, she is a person who would argue with someone and never stop but all of us still loves her. It hurts whn Lakisha tells every body that she don't wanna be here or that nobody likes her ,nobody wants her. That not even true, people love her and want her here for a long time.

Jared is only 8 years old he is my youngest bioligical brother who has ADHD. Jared can get really mad and then just start hiting people. But latley hes been getting better at not hitting people. Maya is 6 years old. She also has ADHD but her ADHD is severe so what that means is that she can't stop what she thinks, she just does it. My family has tried and tried to help her with it and we are still helping her.

Jamaka is 5 years old, she is my favorite sister ever. There was a time when i would never go anywhere with out her. I wouldn't even go to a friends house because of her. Jamaka was born with 4 wholes in her heart, that was why i would never leave her because every time i would go to church, school or to a friends for a while i whould think of her and be so scared. I would think of what would happen to her when i would come home? Would she not be there? Is she gone? Did my mom and her just leave and never come back? I would always think what would happen. Now i get out of the house. I still think of Jamaka so much and i love her so much.  I would die for Jamaka or anybody in my life.

I Love my whole family :)





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