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Well you guys already know who i am but anyways, i'm gonna talk about me for awhile. This last summer before school, I had surgery on my chest because I was born with a dent in my chest. The doctors kept on telling me that there was nothing wrong with me but my mom and I kept going to the doctors. We finally told them that we would like to see a specialist. So we did see one and he said that my dent is severe. Severe would mean

My chest was pushing my heart and lungs to eachother and thats why my chest was always hurting. He also said I should do the surgery, at first i didnt wanna do it but I said yes anyway and plus It kind of worked. Its only January 26th, 2015. and the date I think i had it was on July 21st, 2014. So its been a while since I had the surgery but the surgery kind of helped. I still get pains all the time but I guess thats okay. I have medication to take for my pain. When I was staying in the hospital, I would always watch TV, do crafts like paint and that was so fun i had 10 or 15 things I took home with me, I gave some of those painted things to people for Christmas, Birthdays and some I kept !! I was the first person with Pectus Excavatum who got to go home early, for what I had you had to stay there for 1 week or more. I think it was only 4 days that I was there. I would eat everyday, wouldnt be lazy to do things I had to do.

I love to play with kids, some people even think my siblings are my kids, Its so funny. People like come up to me and tell me your daughter is very beutiful or pretty and I would say Oh Thankyou but this is my sister. Sometimes I even go with it. My sister Jamaka sometimes calls me mom and I tell I'm not your mom, I'm your sister. We would just laugh and laugh. I love whole family and always will!!!! 

The last day of school last year, I was Irratated and mad because what people started to say about my sister and I loved her so much and it just made me mad how people can just start rumors bout somebody, even though some of those rumors were true, didnt make it the right to go tell others, because of that my sister started to cut herself, she cut herself on her legs, her arms and I think thats all where she done it at. Even now where she lives, she smokes weed and she told me that she has. The smoking weed just made me sad and I didnt want to take her with me the day I was gonna do it with friends because if she sees me doing it she would think that its good to do it but really Its not :( . I love Aliya so bad but I really dont want her to get into that stuff even though she does it back home where she lives but still its not right. 



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