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One of the most vivid memories I can remember is a time when my mom, brother and I were sitting in the living room of our one bedroom house, in Salinas Caifornia. I'm not exactly sure what we were doing at the exact moment when we all heard the very loud knocking at the door. Followed by a very loud voice that said "this is the police, we have a search warrant open the door ". My mom was in shock and wasn't sure what to do. MY dad had told her not to open the door. My dad was quick in his actions and had come running in the house 5 minutes before the loud banging on the door. He had ran to the kitchen fumbled with a few things then ran to the bathroom and was in the living room with us by the time the banging had started. He responded back to the loud voice and said" Sir I'm,gonna open the door your scaring my kids" my younger brother was terrified and had a hold of my mom so tight it was as if he would fly away if he let go. I can't really remember if I was scared or excited about all the commotion at our house that evening. As My dad opened the front door an army full of officers in matching bullet proof vests came marching in one by one. The first one ordered my dad to the ground. "On the floor, hands behind your back" I heard other officers yelling "search warrant" as some of the officers disappeared into other rooms of our house one officer demanded my mother to the floor "on the ground ma'am hands behind your back" But my brother was in such shock He wouldn't let her go. As of today all I remember is sitting there watching this all happen and I can't really recall my emotions or my actions as this all took place. One,of the officers seen how visibly shaken my brother was and took his bullet proof vest and explained to my brother that they were not there to hurt any of us. He somehow managed to calm my brother down and slipped the bullet proof vest onto my brother. All the while my mom and dad are being patted down and searched. After nothing was found on either of them they allowed,my mom,to,return next to my brother but placed my dad in handcuffs cuffed in front of him. My dad asked to light a cigarette and they allowed him to. The conversation is vague to me but I do remember my dad pleading with the police to not do this in front of his family. He then took the last drag of his cigarette and before leaving with the officers asked to give his pack of smokes to mymom, one of the officer's took the pack opened it and shook it upside down. He continued digging thru it as if he was looking for a hidden treasure until he was satisfied the only thing in that pack was smoke a so the officer handed,my,mom the pack Of smokes. He told us all not to,worry and he would be home by dinner. And my dad was escorted out of our house. The same officer who was so sympathetic to my little,brother continued to apologize to my brother and I all the way out the door. ...........Apparently the police did not,find what they came,looking for and we're livid. They wanted to question my dad further which is why my dad left the house with them. what seemed like hours later my dad came home I can't even be certain if they just questioned him outside or if he actually left our yard. But immediately after he cane in and,locked the door he asked,my mother where she put his pack of cigarettes at and she pointed to the table. He Grabbed them and went into the kitchen as to hide what he was doing but I wanted,to know what was so important about a back of smokes. This is,when I seen,my dad remove a few very small packages out of the pack of smokes that were apparently concealed well enough to not be found. My dad looked relieved and as happy as if if had won the lottery, my mom was confused and shaken up by the whole,ordeal. My parents never really explained why that whole situation took place SO I had no reason not to believe that what occured that day on Lunsford drive was anything but normal.



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