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 I was born in Torrance California April 14, 1956 to Clara Louise Bryce and Richard Dwayne Mouritsen if I remember correctly I was zero days old 

 I was 10 lbs. 13 oz. and they took the picture of me that was hideous. I actually do have the picture somewhere and it ended up in my medical school yearbook and can be found there.  It turns out that all babies look almost the same which biologically make sense since at about 12 or 13 weeks you can't tell the fetus of the human from the fetus of a chicken but as the tail reabsorb it starts to take on a more humanoid a feature.  Once the baby comes out they all look the same virtually purple wrinkled wet with a white waxy substance covering their bodies and I was no different when I was born.

 My parents at the time had just recently moved to Torrance California. My dad was actually making money after he bought a trailer full of meat, it was in quarters, and he was cutting it up every day and selling this meat and that's how he made - well , his ends meet.  My mom who had one previous daughter,  my older sister, Daphne. She was actually born in England to a different father who was in the military at the time. So I believe my mom was a house wife at the time  of my birth, although I'm sure she helped with selling the meat. 



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