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understanding of cultural diversity issues.
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  • Story Title: Katie's Life
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“To what extent do my beliefs, prejudices or biases influence my thinking in terms of providing service in my profession or work?” 

I would say that my beliefs, prejudices, or biases have no influence in providing services in my work. I work in a hospital as a imaging assistant so, i see a lot of diversity and different beliefs. No matter what i will always give good quality care to patients, just like anyone deserves. 


Some examples from the quiz are:

Question 10: if a family member speaks English as well as the patient’s native language, and is willing to act as interpreter, this is the best possible solution to the problem of interpreting. I chose False because, when i was training for froedtert they strongly encourage to not have family members interpret becasue of possible miss communication. For example, say the patient said they didnt want to live anymore but, that family member dosent inform a nurse or docotor that the patient is suicidal. That is something they would need to know. Even though having family members interpret can be really helpful we also cant gurantee there translatting back the correct information. 

Question 18: "Some symbols—a positive nod of the head, a pointing finger, a “thumbs-up” sign—are universal and can help bridge the language gap". I chose true but the answer was false. I chose true because, thats how we communicate sometimes. In the hosptial it is encouraged to use symbols like that to communicate with patients. I had a patient that was nearly deaf. I would use symbols like "thumbs up" or shaking my head and using my hand gestures to help understand and communcate between eachother. 


Overall, my understanding is to give the best quality care to pateients and others no matter there beliefs or ethnicity. Even helping thier familys by learning thier cultures and beliefs to make everone comfortable and safe!              



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