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The first principal standard of the CLAS standards states one will provide effective and respectful care that is quality. Diverse cultural health beliefs and the language necessary will be used for communication needs. Standards for cultural competence for occupational therapist are very similar. I found principal standard that speaks to effective communication skills, listening carefully and language –oriented with recruiting translators. These two statements are similar to me, because they are providing a statement that says they will offer quality care by not only being culturally competent but offer whatever is needed for superb communication needs. I think this is so important in today's world especially in the medical field. Clients who come in need to understand the information they are being told and in return the health care provider needs to understand what problems the clients are facing. 

Another similarity that can be found from both documents has to do with utilizing the diverse culture we live in. The CLAS standard states they will promote and support linguistically diverse governance and diversity within the workforce as well. This is so one can relate to the people who live in the community. The document of standards for occupational therapists promotes recruiting interpreters and translators from the community and diverse universities. This way there can not only be diversity but a better understanding of the culture surround a particular area. 

One difference I found between the two statements related to reaching out into the community and using information about the community to possibly help. The CLAS standards stated that assessments of the community health needs would be done to help plan and fill services that are in need due to the community around. The standards for occupational therapy vary slightly. They want to maintain a demographic culturally as well as a profile of the community. I think these are slightly different because the CLAS standards want to find out what the community is in need of and then provide that. I am sure occupational therapists want to do that as well but I think they are trying to learn more about the community as well which differs in a way. I believe by holding focus groups as stated in their documents, that will help educate them on how to not only provide better but relate better to clients and patients. I believe many of the standards are similar because the occupational therapy standards base many of their standards off of CLAS standards. They are national standards so it is a great source for occupatioinal therapy to turn to. They are very culturally competent. The standards written for the CLAS standard are current, respectful, smart and helpful toward all types of people for our society and culture we live in today



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