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The first source I chose was from a scholarly journal. I was able to find it on Sage journals, and considering it being scholarly, I know that it is a reliable resource. Google also let me know that many other people have used and cited this course as well. I believe this source can help people understand the importance of cultural competance. This walks people through the process on how and why we do what we do to ensure that clients will feel safe and comfortable.


I thought that this source was interesting, because it involved cultural competence, as well as the use of technology doing that. There are not many articles concerning IT and cultural awareness, but this is a mixture of both. Again I was able to find this through a scholarly website, and it also being a scholarly article, I was able to understand this is a reliable resource. This gives problems and solutions that can occur when the issue of cultural differences comes up and how technology can help with closing this gap as well.



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