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This story involves a number of ficticous characters most of whom you will recognize on site if you are part of the group. 

As I pulled out of the driveway and headed for CHWC a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community development corporation dedicated to improving the quality of life in downtown KCK which is located in Fire Station No. 9 that’s at 2 South 14th Street in Kansas City, Kansas and was built by Willian E. Harris over 100 years ago and declared a Kansas City, Kansas Historic Landmark on June 16, 1983. I had no idea that an extreme and possible life altering opportunity would appear in a ditch along the way that would kick start a new business here-to-fore unearthed by any other visionaries on the planet. I did not know the details but the thought alone made me look around suspicously hoping i was not under survalience.

What I saw was a mattress that had no doubt blown off of some haulers vehicle and too make things more interesting, only a hundred feet away was an over stuffed couch cushion. I’ve seen items along the road many times and generally have written them off as the result of disoriented movers who were not able to tie a secure knot and or used recycled weakened and rotten cotten rather than nylon string, but today was special because of where I was going and the people I would be conversing with after I arrived at my destination who were much more intelligent that your average creature. I'm talking road warrior who have been inside of the life cycle looking out they same way a forest ranger looks for smoke before a fire.

My first thought as I watched the possible ditch treasures disapear in my review mirror was how do you replace a lost brand new looking over stuffed day glow purple leather cushion covered with seed holes and secondly where is that person who was obviously moving to a different location going to set when the arrived? As I pulled into the fire station parking lot and saw some of my fellow deep thinkers laughing and drinking coffee powerful enough to wash grafitti off of concrete and them eating donuts some the size of a baseball glove it dawned on me that they would have some brilliant ideas and we might actually be able to turn what most people think of as roadside junk into a potential goldmine. Just think of the price of gold these days ya know.

The first mingle minded person I walked up too was Steve C one of the co-host (I’m not using his real name because he is shy). When I told him I felt we might be onto something big without even knowing what it was he immediately said, “we’ll sell it on Craig’s List.” Paul overheard him and almost as quickly shouted “We’ll create a master plan as to how we spot the locations where the missplaced treasure is located.” People around us could tell we were excited and moved closer to get in on a piece of the conversation. Which bothered Mike because he’s not real big on being trapped in a crowd. Next Dawn who is a reporter said “why Craig’s list, why not the Kansas City Star."

After Tammie P shouted “I know where there is an entire front bumper with a license plate still attached at I-70 at 57th street.” I had to step in and do what I do best, clam down the excited crowd and wonder why i gave up drinking.

I got serious the way a person does when they are on the verge of a world changing event and said, “I want everyone to swear yourselves to secrecy so our plan is not high jacked before our very eyes. And how will we decide to pass along the location to the buyers who I envision will pay us with cyber bits via the internet making it harder to trace our transactions if need be.”

Almost at the same time, Cecila, Joe, Matt, Terry, Marty, Susan and Dawn said. Google Satellite, Mapping, Photos from the sky. That did it and I mean did it causing me to remember when the first Russian spaceship was launched, which was a bit fuzzy because we’re drinking wine made from canned peaches we had borrowed from the college caffateria in the middle of the night, Part of it might have been the fuzzy black and white TV screen as well but i doubt it. 

I raised my hand to restore calm and like it happens on a rare occasion when there is a brilliant business idea with the possibility to become a wonderment making all of us rich. I searched deep inside my soul and said, “Later on I plan to talk about road kill but for now, us spotters must reflect after we have some time to get the powerful fire station coffee out of our system and calm down after a massive sugar rush. I had seen one member wolff down a 3rd donut after a 4th cup of coffee which accounted for the slight amount of dancing and verbage of a rapid degree nature.

This is obviously a wild idea of sorts, but stranger things have happened, so don’t tell anybody. Thanks many times over to the dedicated members of our spotter group, which for now I’m going to call the MisAdventually Lost Corps Road Ready Spotters LLC and If we hit it big we’ll go on a cruise on the Kansas River (KAW) where Mike can act as a guide. Since it will be a special occassion he will be allowed one liter of Irish whiskey per day on our weeklong journey from Lawrence to Edwardsville. However, he can not under any circumstances start to guzzle before dawn, my much hove some rules.

As i was leaving the fire house Pam walked up to Steve and said "i hope you people are not up to no good." Steve's arm shot up in the air like his elbow was on a spring and in a voice higher pitched than normal he said "have you ever known me not to be on the straight and narrow my dear?" i amost shed a tear and was so weak kneeded i stumbled as i walked out the front door. I'm for sensitive than i used to be. 

Remember one thing as a member of our spotters group if you want to claim what you've found along the roadside then it as yours for 1/2 price. And that our company has been founded on the idea sometimes unexpected good things can sneak though a door you did not know you left open. So whatever you do don't close the door before you see what else might be waiting outside.

Imagine how each member of our group looks to our meeting on Friday morning each week as we progress and we get to be involved in such a high degree of conversation we start to worry if we have gone over the edge..


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  • If you do, do join this spotter by the roadside group watch out for traffic zooming past.

    Rolland 11/13/2014 3:12:00 PM
  • A most unusual chapter.

    Rolland 4/30/2014 2:53:00 PM
  • The comments on this chapter are PREDIOUS!

    Rolland 4/29/2014 8:20:00 AM
  • With great excitement I am so looking forward to my membership in the Spotters! I travel to the fire station most days and I have targeted an item that I would very much like to see make it from a front porch stoop to the roadside so that it could be moved on to a better use in the universe! Maybe an Ozark outhouse is looking for a new porcelain perch? It has upset me many days as I head South from my home to enter the friendly Zoo of working animals to see a toilet in full view of the busy street with a flower pot in it's empty cavity, sprouting an american flag! I love my country, my city and my neighborhood an I am offended by the message. Could we have a secret arm of the seekers that relocates offensive items from the landscape?

    Susan 1/22/2012 5:23:00 PM
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