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Cultural competence has a great deal of meaning to me especially after taking this class. I define cultural competence by having the ability to be cultural aware of the differences of other cultures than of your own. It has a major impact on health care in our country because there are so many different groups and cultures of other people besides your own. I feel one is an ideal health care provider when they continually educate themselves on how to be culturally competent and understanding of others. I feel being culturally competent means making sure a patient you are working with understands what you are telling them. Being culturally competent means that you are able to understand or be aware or certain mannerisms or what actions are acceptable in certain cultures. This is helpful to gain respect and trust from a patient at times. Cultural competence can mean you possibly check with the head of the family if that is ones cultural custom before decisions are made. Cultural competence has many moving components and it is a very important aspect in health care and providing health care. 



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