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We meet again for the second time on the birthday of his closest friend my cousin and cousin is also his bestfriend they are together in playing basketball, roaming around and do stupid stuff... On that day something happened unexpectedly, he is seating beside me, when I'm already drunk I tried to touch him in his private parts... He didnt react he just let me of what I'm doing... I thought he is the kind of guy who wants play with me... But I guess I'm wrong after that drinking session he told me that he wants me to go at the lodge with him I answered him NO... Its a big NO and I told him the reasons why... And he understand it, he just respect my decision and he also respect me starting day. After that someone in the middle of the night appear unexpectedly we saw his wife looking to us. I felt nervous that time but I seat and talk to her wife directly and told her that we dont do anything else... after that they walk away then from that time I look at him while walking away from me but in my shock her wife slapped her... It make me feel shock I remember what I saw that night... On the next day my cousin told that he is not in his wife house, he is alreay in there own house so I tell them what happen that but I didnt tell about what he said to me about the lodge...Now  I end up looking forward on another session of drinking with him... So I decided that every week we will drink so that we can be together atleast once a week... but my feelings become stronger and I didnt expect I will fall inlove in mysterious way...



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