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Morning thoughts are very important because it establishes our attitudes for the day.  What do you think about when you first wake up. Are you irritated?  Are you unmotivated?  Do you hit the snooze over and over.  Remember, the top don’t act like this.  Neither do you.  Nothing changes overnight, and for that matter over a week. Commit to the following exercise.  What do you have to loose? The majority of people are not doing mental programming.  The majority of people are not successful.  As (??) said “Success is not normal, therefore you must do what seems not normal to achieve it.  Successful people have established to habit of doing what is not normal."  What is normal/comfortable is to do what everyone else does.  Go ahead. Let others do the thinking for you.  You’ll receive exactly what they tell you.
Or....Write out your goals and personality traits in sentence form.
Use I am ….. when describing goals. (I am earning $8,000 dollars this month …I am responsible for getting an  A)
Use I feel….when describing traits.  (I feel Confident…I feel Professional…I feel Sharp…I feel intelligent)
Write down your goals and traits every morning first thing when waking. Next, repeat aloud to yourself each sentence you wrote down 3 times each. Your subconscious mind is most vulnerable to suggestions right when you wake up.  Keep a notebook right next to your bed or where ever convenient for you to write… just as long as you do it first thing when arising.
Do this for 30 days in a row.  If you miss a day, then start over and go another 30 days from that point.  These persistent affirmations first thing every morning will program your mind and embed your desires deep into your subconscious. Once your new way of thinking is embeded into your subconscious, you mind will cause you to do the things that are consistent to your goals.  Your mind already is causing you to do the things and feel the ways that are now embeded into it.  You must change what is on the inside first, if you want to change your outside.
Most people use The Excuse of reality. "I'm being realistic" they will say.  This belief will destroy your positive affirmations.  Remain around the company of people who will not use The Excuse...and/or do not share any of your knew beliefs with negative people.  The will cause you to defend your beliefs/prove your beliefs...causing grief or conflict. This is not constructive or positive toward you goals.  Trying to explain your knew way of thinking to a negative person is like pushing religion on someone who isn't religious.  It won't work.  Their own life lessens will bring them around when they are ready.

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