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Throughout the history of the world, philosophers and religions have disagreed on many things.  But they have all agreed on one thing …only one!  You become what you think about.  Read that sentence again.  Most people hear it, but don’t truly understand it. You become that which you think about most of the time.  We place value on material, replaceable things and very little value to the most irreplaceable thing of all.  Our freedom of thought.  Thoughts establish Habits, Attitudes, and Emotions…these establish Action. Productive action consistent to our success, Destructive action, or Non-Action.   It doesn't matter whether they’re good or bad. Your subconscious doesn’t care.  It reaps what you sow.

The following is a check list to determine (whatever it is that you want to determine and the check list is set up so you can take the learner wherever you want them to go.(one idea)

1. Would you commit to getting up one hour earlier if you knew the sacrifice would improve the quality of your life as much as 25%? (use the how many hours of sleep per year example)

2. Would you



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