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The Korean family has the highest annual income of any race in the United States.  Why?  A better question is How?  How can someone who comes from across the ocean, does not speak the English language become financially successful?  Is it Intelligence?  Is it Talent?…Is it Luck?

Americans are born into the richest country with opportunities over any other country in the world.  From the time we are born, we become used to the Abundant water and food supply,  2 to 3 cars within our homes, a roof over our heads, and the government to support us if we choose not to take care of our own selves.

Most Americans take the Opportunities so many soldiers fought and died for – for granted.  Americans lose sight of what is truly to be appreciated…our Freedom.  We place value on material, replaceable things and very little value to the most irreplaceable thing of all.  Our love of family, health, and freedom of thought.  So “How” does a family find the American dream, when the majority of Americans born here and went to school here, don’t even know it exists?

The Korean family is Grateful.  They place value on what is important. You never see a thestriking…holding out for higher wages and more benefits.  They appreciate exactly what they have.  If they want more, they provide more services.  Also, they know that the worse thing that could possibly happen to them in America is 10 times better than what they had where they came from.  They are not afraid to fail.  Gratitude is so important to creating your reality.  Be grateful of what you have.  Remember the homeless man who was depressed because he had no shoes….until he met the man with no feet.  Give Thanks every day (whatever your religious or lack of religious beliefs) for what you have. 

Do not focus on “Lack” or “Lack” will manifest.  Program your mind to focus on what you have to be grateful for.  Your mind willmanifest more of it.  Also, being grateful brings peace into your life.  You can only focus on your Goals when you have a peaceful mind…as opposed to a stressful, worried, unhappy, vindictive, jealous, envious mind.









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