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I was born into a world that was unfit and hopeless. My first memory is of me in my grandmother picking berries in the field. I was  the first child born to my mother and was the least important thing in her life. She met a guy and start having kids by him but I didn't like him. he use to call me dumb and stupid and beat the shit out of my mom. I tried to help her but i would get thrown like a feather. One night he decided to teach me a lesson. my mom had went to bed and on his way to the bath room he would slip in to my bedroom to play a game called " don't tell mommy'. He would put his hands down my panties and start feeling around. I didn't like it so i would get smart with him and tell him I was going to tell on him. He then told me he would give me something to tell and started ripping my clothes off of me. I tried to fight him off but i was to small. I tried to scream but his hands would cover my mouth. he inserted his self inside of me with so much force I thought i would die. when he got done he just let me go and said i better not tell anyone. i jumped up and ran to my mom room and told her  to please tell Joe to stop messing with me. she jumped up and ask me what did I mean? I told her of the awful thing that he had just done to me and she rushed me to the bathroom and took all of my clothes off me and threw them in the trash. She put me in the tub and wash me off really good and gave me new clothes to put on. She later go into it with him, I can here them fussing from my room. she came into my room grab me up and we walked to the pay phone down the street. She called her brother Rodger to give us a ride to the police  station.



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