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  • Story Title: Nancy B
  • Story Created: Monday, March 25, 2013, 5:51:00 PM
  • Chapter Author: Theresa B
  • Chapter Created: Sunday, April 14, 2013, 8:57:00 AM
  • updated: Sunday, April 14, 2013 9:41:00 AM

Kids are really good at whatever you put your mind to you can achieve. I remembered not want to go go to school, I got up and started to pray to get sick so I can stay home, I prayed hard, then I began to say I am sick, I am sick, i am sick, not for anyone to hear of course. But before I was dressed for school my tummy started to hurt, YES! ( shouted in my mind). It began to hurt more and more then the runnings stated, the most foul sent ever, I could not go 10 mins with out having find a toilet. I saw the frustration in my moms eyes. But I did get to stay home for 3 days, but not how I wanted. My mom and dad fraught a lot, my mom was not happy, saw her crying many days and wish I can help her to stop. At one point she was going to poison us and her self. I sense it as a kid and still was going to eat the food that she was about to give us, I looked her straight in the eye as she was about to feed us, and she stopped. I heard my dad saying to my mom that I am going to be a whore when I grow up. I saw my mom ran away when he was about to hurt her with a knife. I was stabbed in the back and push down the stairs, I got up and ran into my neighbor house, my younger brother did not get that lucky for he loved my father dearly. He also was kicked down the stairs, I screamed out to him and he turned in my direction, my dad also called him and he turned in my dad direction, I screamed again but my dad won. He grabbed him and put his head under the pipe, turn the pipe on and held him there. One of the ladies managed to distract him for a few seconds, but he turn back to my brother and picked up a plank and whacked him,I saw my brother color changed as my dad was about hit him again a guy came up and punched him, he lost his balance and he got up and ran away. I don't know what happen to my brother after then, the people put him a room and they close the door. I was given sugar water to drink and a bath and was rubbed down form head to toe. My Mum came don't know how long after but felt like forever, I heard my Dad was taken by the police. But he was home a few days later.



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