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  • Story Created: Wednesday, May 01, 2013, 5:36:00 AM
  • Chapter Author: Jordan Dixon
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          Jordan Dixon                                                 Chapter 1                                                        The Story Of My Life

MY name is Jordan i have one brother and i have one sister, i currently live with my mother , and i have for my whole life and lost visits with my father when i was 10 years old, my dad was a alcoholic my whole life and he abused my mom while we were growing up ,he then lost visits to us and that is when he then kidnapped us and brought us to penticton british columbia. We ended up being picked up by my aunty who thankfully brought us back to our mother. One Monday morning i was 10 years old my dad ended comming to my moms drunk trying to force me to go with him, i knew he was intoxicated so i refused to get in the car with him, it was at that time he started to beat me a helpless ten year old getting belted around and squeezed and thrown around, i had two black eyes three broken rids and much more marks and bruises.Try being twelve years old having to go to court and trial and be on the stand against your own father its hard and takes a hefty toll on your life. for instance i then grew up and from the age of 16-20 i began doing cocaine and smoking crack and also eating and snorting painkillers , i thought it was gonna take away my pain , oh how was i wrong . it just ruined my life even more i ended up losing the love of my life my fiancee after five and a half years, i started stealing from my family selling all my and there merchandise. being on drugs was the biggest eye opener i treated my family as if they were enemies and made my mom have a nervous breakdown . at that time i felt no remorse the drugs took over my feelings iam so glad one day my mother looked at me and said jordan i hate what you have become right then and there i stopped , it felt like i had just swallowed my own heart i then knew i had to get help i then left to stay with my brother for a while when i realized its the same enviroment as i recently was in, i just couldnt do it anymore, i went back home and went to my doctor and got help myself it is now eleven months and two weeks exactly since the day i got clean. the best feeling i have had my whole entire life. It has been my dream for years and years to go to brazil and train martial arts, i have my yellow belt under the gracie family , growing up i was in trouble i then hit eighteen and realized if i want to follow my dream i have to grown up and get my stuff together i`am now twenty one and i have not been in trouble with the police since i turned eighteen it feels great. i train brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, self defence, mixed martial arts, tae-kwondo , and muay thai i have trained all those for five and a half years my dream is to go to brazil and compete as a professional.




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