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  • Story Title: My Magnificient Mentor
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Recently I spent the day with one of my granddaughters. She’ll be a senior in high school next year. We spoke of many things, but one stands out in my memory. She told me of accompanying a friend to a Planned Parenthood facility. Her friend’s mother instructed her to go there to get a pregnancy test. I’ll let you hear the conversation we had.

“Mandy’s * mother was out of town so Mandy asked me to go with her.”

“Why didn’t she get a pregnancy test at the drugstore?”

My granddaughter shrugged. “Her mom wanted her to make sure the test was accurate. When we got there the door was locked, so we rang the bell. A big blurry guard came to the door.”

“Wha’dda want?” he asked.

“We’re here for a pregnancy test.”

“The guard eyed us up and down and then said, “Go back to your car. Leave all cell phones, cameras, and recording devices. Then come back.”

“We did as he asked. When we came back a person behind the desk asked us if we had any recording or camera equipment with us. We said we didn’t. Then she shoved a paper at us to sign stating the same. We signed it. Then she warned us we would be in big trouble if we were lying. She directed us to have a seat in the empty waiting area.

“The nurse came out and told Mandy to follow her.”

Mandy asked, “Can my friend come with me?”

“Absolutely not!”

My granddaughter continued, “My friend told me when she got back there, four women employees laughed and joked like this was some regular office gathering around the water cooler. Mandy took the test and it came back negative.

“After the test, the nurse talked with her for a while. ‘I’ve had three abortions myself. I wanted a boy and a girl. After my first boy, I just kept getting more boys. Now I’ve got my boy and a girl. Everything’s good.’”

I wonder. Is this theeducation Planned Parenthood so proudly touts as they take millions of our tax dollars each year?

For the past forty years, the spirit of murder has run rampant. We have murdered 53 million babies in this nation over that period. In the book of James, chapter 5, verse 16, it says, “The prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

Hard hearts, greedy for money, need to be changed. No amount of demonstration or protests on the street is going to do that. There is only one way. Only God can cause that to happen. He will only move if we pray. Will you join me in asking God Almighty to send a sweeping revival so that God’s gift of life is once again revered?

*Not her real name.

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