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Five years ago after attending one of my book signings and a Lewis & Clark monologue presentation an administrator at Johnson Country Library, Overland Park, Kansas suggested I create a workshop that would assist those who wanted to write their life story. Since the launch of that program I have made over (50) presentations to a variety of organizations. One that added a new dimension to my effort occurred when I encountered a class of (80) 3rd grade students at an elementary school in Kansas City, Kansas.

At the end of the class my assignment to the fidgety eight year olds was to interview and write the story of their parents lives. I figured only a few would do it however to my surprise almost all of the students talked with and most wrote something about their elders’. What I appreciated most was the fact they enjoyed the assignment. A powerful statement when you think about the students actually abandoning texting and leaving their computer long enough to become interested in such a back-in-the-day project. The feedback from the parents was they loved getting to tell their kids about some of the simple pleasures they had when they were young.

After I saw the response I got excited. We talked about writing and communication skills. I had the kids include photos their parents had archived from when they were growing up. Each student created a cover and the books were big hit when the kids gave copies to friends and relatives. It was during that experience I got the idea to create an authoring website that would be simple to use and free. I teamed up with Mark Andresen a guru website designer and we created Here is our Facebook page with comments and testimonials from our users.

Since the release of we have received almost 1,000 stories from around the world. An interesting aspect we have discovered is in addition to prompting users to write Life Stories the website can also be an effective marketing tool.

To launch the website I posted a dozen short stories and sample chapters of my novels Blue Hole and River's Edge. Within a short period the number of readers began to grow. Currently due to third party referral and search engines I have received over 7,000 reads and 42,000 downloads of my mystery suspense novel Blue Hole. The expanded number of readers has resulted in over (300) four and five star reviews. With a combination of Imastory, Twitter and utilizing a few free book marketing sites I’m building a base and it’s a fun project. What cool about posting stories on is you only need to do it once and you’ll be in the mainstream.


1) Register with Takes about 5 minutes and it's FREE    

2) Write or Cut and Paste your stories to be read by users

4) Use Twitter to drive traffic to

5) If readers like your stories they will go to your website and buy your books

6) It’s not a get rich quick method and it takes some serious effort but it is a building process that works. Hard to find something with this much potential that’s FREE.

If you want to read some of my stories join select Browse, key in Rolland Love, then select Author. My most popular story is one I wrote about the history of outhouses “Privy’s” The one I like most is a recipe from Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories the cookbook Mary-Lane and I co-authored. I protested and said how to cook a skunk should not be included in the book but she insisted and was right again as it has been so much fun. I read it at every workshop and people laugh a lot. I also bring a skunk hide along as a prop.

Thanks for checking out my material. Let me know if I can help.

Rolland Love (8) books. Blue Hole & River's Edge have (300) Five Star Reviews has (1,000 stories from around the world FREE) ( Reviews)

Twitter: @Rolland Love (Facebook) (Ozark Stories website)  MORE LOVE








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