• Can everyone see my stories?
    No. ImaStory offers you options to keep your story private, share it with co-authors (friends and family) or you can release it to the public at large.

    ImaStory also has a feature where you can set a future date to release your story, chapter or memory. For example, if you wish a chapter to remain private for the next 5 years but the rest of your story can be available to the public and to your friends immediately.

  • How Do I Get Started Using "Imastory"
    After you access the Imastory website and the Home Page appears:

    Step 1 Create Your Account, it is free!
    Enter Your Email:
    Re-enter Email:
    Enter Your Password:

    Once you create your account

    Step 2 Log In
    Enter Your Email:
    Enter Password:
    Click on Log in to your Story

    On the menu at the top of the imaStory Home Page click on My Story and fill in the information:
    Release Date:
    Security Settings
    * Share With Everyone *Share With My Co-Authors Only
    *Keep Chapter Private *Share Anonymously
    Approx. Chapter Start:
    Approx. Chapter End:

    Everything you need to be able to write your story can be displayed as pop up instructions by simply Clicking on any of the headings.

  • What will it cost me to be a member?
    Nothing! ImaStory is Free.

  • Can a friend or family member add a chapter or memory to my story?
    Yes! You can add people as co-authors and share your story, chapters or memories with only those people. In addition, people who are your co-authors can contribute chapters or memories to your story.

    Once those chapters are created however, they become a part of your story and are fully controlled or editable only by you. This allows you to view and edit the chapter as well as make all the decisions in regards to sharing that story.

    Some people might decide to keep shared stories private for a year, a decade or a century, this is their choice as it is their story.