• Your site is a great, valuable idea and I wish you enormous success with it! I perused some of the stories, and it's refreshing to read "ordinary" people talking about their extra-ordinary lives. So many details of who we are as human beings are lost because no one gives an ear to people who are not writers. is a tremendous service to humanity.

    Debra Linkedin Member - France
  • I can't think of anyone better to bring out the stories in all of us and ImaStory is the perfect tool to facilitate the process.

    Cris Siebenlist Retired English Teacher
  • I watched the tutorial of ImaStory and I LOVE this idea! My son is in grade 2 and he is really enjoying writing and would like this. It would be great to get some of our family heritage in writing. I'd like to also see if his school would do this. Thanks for sharing!

    Hilda Linkedin
  • (aka: is the next generation of social networking. The website is well designed and is a user-friendly way to share our individual life histories and times that no other outlet provides. Another stroke of genius from Rolland Love. I've already begun to chronicle bits and pieces of my experiences and found that the gratification gained from writing down my expressions was extraordinarily satisfying. I especially like the share (co-author) feature in the website that allows others to read what I've written. I must admit I also like the fact that Imastory is Free.

    Dewayne Knott Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.) Explorer and Play-write
  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I am forwarding this info over to Principal Scott and Asst. Principal Estes as well. Would like to get you here to the school to discuss with her team! I have a couple of ideas where we may be able to incorporate this program into the projects we have scheduled for the rest of the year.

    Adrion Roberson Site Coordinator, Central Middle School, Communities In Schools
  • Great site and a fantastic idea. I'll give it a plug on "The Ozarks Mountaineer Fan Page" and send it on to some writer friends who can make better use of it than I can.

    Dr. Fred R. PfisterEditor: The Ozarks Mountaineer
  • I wanted to congratulate you on the development of imaStory. I have started an episode from my first year in college and have found the program very user friendly. Best wishes for continued success.

    Jim McLaughlin Author of "The James Charade" and "The Leveler"
  • I started writing in/with it right away. Your program certainly helps the motivation! So far, so good as I work with it. You can rest assured this is a real gift to your fellow writers.

    Polly Swafford Author
  • Wow! ImaStory looks really great. I've been told I should write a book entitled (Never Give Up) I guess now I will be able to do it. Thank you very much for sending.

    Kent Craig Safety Inspector