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  • Story Title: Never a dull moment in my life.
  • Story Created: Tuesday, September 03, 2013, 7:21:00 PM
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  • Chapter Created: Wednesday, September 04, 2013, 3:11:00 PM
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I had a best friend while we were living in Gold Hill. Her name was Gail Stevens. We were really close. She's part Native American. She told she was part Cherokee. One day while we were at recess, we decided to sneak off and go across the road over to the cemetary. To this day I'm stillnot sure why we did it, I guess we were just curios. Well we were walking around and came up to a shed. All of a sudden we heard a noise, it sounded like a ghost, being only 6 years old you would think that we were scared, well we weren't.  Next thing we know the grounds keeper jumped out of the shed and scared us pretty bad, we ran as fast as we could back over to the school play ground. I don't even think anyone knew that we were gone. Like I said she was my best friend, but something happened and to this day I wish it hadn't. We were moving. I was so upset and I was crying. I loved living there, and I also wouldn't get to see my friend anymore. There were times when I got older that I tried to find her but was never able to.



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